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Closer & Closer

Christmas is getting closer and closer and the CHAOS is more and more.  Last night we had my parents family Christmas party and it was fun but super crazy…On the happy side we were able to get some family pictures done in the snow like we always want and the kids were even good!!!  Here are some fun pictures to share the moment with you 🙂


DSC_0346 DSC_0350 DSC_0366 DSC_0415 DSC_0451 DSC_0452


Christmas Cheer

Well, on Sunday we took a lovely family drive {in the freezing rain} to get our Christmas tree. We have always thought it would be a fun tradition to go cut our own tree every year so this year we did…but due to crazy schedules we were not able to wait for decent weather making it not so much fun. Well we finally got it in the house and set up today {Thursday} and I must say it was kind of fun. It is the craziest Charlie Brown tree you ever did see but it is ours and we love it. Enjoy!



Finding Joy

So much has been going on lately I feel like I am barely staying above water most of the time. I have a love hate relationship with the holiday season since I have had my kids. I love all the festivities, treats, parties, and fun that comes with them but I absolutely hate the stress! I feel like I am in a constant battle trying to get everything done, make everything perfect, and give my kids all the wonderful memories that I had growing up. I realized today amidst all the chaos that I had forgotten what really brings joy to the season {the smiling faces of little munchkins}. I love my kiddies but when I am stressed so are they and it doesn’t make for much smiling when everyone wants to pull their hair out, so here is my reminder of why we love Christmas!





Back on Track

So I have been MIA for a while…I am not the best with dealing with stress. {I could write a song with those rhyming skills} We moved into our new home, I was a single mom for about 2.5 months while my husband worked in Texas, school started, stress caused complications with the pregnancy, got it under control, got a new truck, got in an accident and totaled my car, more pregnancy complications, got a new car that I love, and all the time my house has never been truly organized and unpacked! {that was a mouth full} it may seem obvious to some but the fact that my house, after 5 months, is still not a home has been a huge part of the stress and chaos in my life. So now that I have a little time to breath {like half a second cause here comes Christmas} I plan on organizing my home. I have said it before and I truly believe it, being healthy is more than just being physically fit. So because I can’t get into the gym right now I am going to concentrate on everything else, starring with my home and piece of mind!

I have to admit, I have a serious addiction to Pinterest! I am beginning to think I can DIY about anything, if you want to find me it isn’t too hard just search Sandra Escareno. I have been building a board of ideas to put into my home and it is chuck full of projects that I are drool worthy, but I have decided that since there is a super tight budget I will start with only basics. I was searching for such things when I found a post called “31 days to an organized home” {I will update with a link later} I thought to myself “What a lovely idea! If I start now I can be done before Christmas and it won’t be overwhelming!” So here I go. Day one was resolving to take the challenge…done. Day 2…the entry way/coat closet. This has always been the most disorganized area of my home I think. It seems to be the catch all and black hole. So here is my plan of attack…
1. Empty the whole thing
2. Label bins for each member of the family, including the furry ones.
3. Install ‘short’ hooks for the short people’s coats and bags
4. Add a garbage, hamper, and bin for the car.

Wish me luck! I will leave you with a before picture so you can see the pure chaos that it is now.



Good Gravy…I am exhausted!

Holy crap!…These last few weeks have been nuts, on a happy note it is mainly because we finally moved into our new home!  On the not so bright side Joe’s work sent him to Texas a week later…any how.  I am sure you can imagine how much stress that caused especially when you include that I am pregnant, trying to build a monster website, and helping a company completely rebrand.


It is the devil, it will kill you faster than anything else.  When I first started my road to getting fit this is one of the first things I learned.  My trainer Brent said that stress effects your blood suger in the same way that eating a bag of sugar cookies on an empty stomach does…until the last few weeks I thought he was exaggerating.  So here is my little spill for the day.  Decide what is most important and cut the extras out!  Life will be so much more…well live-able…I know it may sound silly but it is something we all need to do.  We need to do some spring cleaning in our lives not just our houses!

Laugh Today…Its Good For You!

Last night was all serious business so today will be all fun!  I must admit I am a Facebook stalker.  I like a whole bunch of fitness pages and frequently check them out for great quotes and such.  One of my favorite pages is called

Recipes for Gals in Figure and Bodybuilding

Her name is Jen and she rocks!  She is always throwing out great inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and she shares some amazing recipe’s for healthy eating.   Well I was stalking her page today and she had a great inspirational and funny picture posted.  It made me smile inside because it is so so so true!  Here it is and I hope you all enjoy!

Feeling Like…Crap…

Normally I wouldn’t want to post about something negative but I feel like this is something I need to touch on.  Nutrition is something that is a daily challenge for me.  See, I grew up in a very traditional Utah Mormon household…I am not asking for a debate on religion I am just saying, in that environment there is food for every occasion.  If you are happy you celebrate by eating, if you are sad you eat, if you are hungry you eat, if you aren’t…you still eat to be polite, any kind of event is followed or proceeded by a large meal.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the culture I grew up in, I wouldn’t be who I am today without it but it sure doesn’t make for good, healthy eating habits.

I have heard so many times and I am sure you have too that “You are what you eat.”

top: me 6 months post baby #2
bottom: me 7 months post baby #3 + 6 weeks pregnant w/baby #4

before I started this great nutrition plan I never truly understood that saying.  You see, when your body is used to having all of the sugar and super high carbs and it is used to your blood sugar surging and dropping all day long it becomes accustomed to those things and doesn’t react to them the way it should {causing things like type 2 diabetes and a huge number of other problems}.  Anyway, what I am trying to say is that until I started constantly giving my body the best of the best I never realized how crappy my old diet made me really feel.  See this past few weeks have been jam packed with events and super stress filled, although I should know better it all got to me and I broke down.  I ate what was there, when it was there, and however much I wanted…the result…me sitting here retaining a ton of water and feeling like poop! No Bueno!

After this terrible reminder of why I am changing my life so that I can be a fit and happy mom I have more resolve than ever to keep on the new path I have chosen.  No more weekends of crap food for me.  The result of sacrifice is way sweeter than the few seconds of sugar rush you get from a cinnamon roll.  I will sure remember this lesson and I hope someone out there can learn from it as well.

As the wonderful people and Nike say ‘Just Do It’, never postpone your goals for something less.